Eagle Claw empowers you with all the necessary resources you need to secure your daily business taking advantage of the wide scope and accessibility of the Internet.

Firewall Services

Depending on your security requirements, you can choose between our hardware-based firewalls or virtual firewalls that allow secure connections from home or office. We can recommend and create the security regime from managed firewalls to enterprise wide cloud solutions that are ideal for your business .Our firewall services are dedicated and practical for wide range of enterprises starting from those that do not have specialized security experts to large enterprises requiring robust implementations.

 Hardware Firewalls

Consider our Hardware Firewall implementations when you are particular about meeting PCI or HIPAA data security compliance or site-to-site VPN. EagleClaw Services are a worthy choice if you need full control of your subscription rate and configuration changes over multiple servers. Whatever is the Hardware Firewall of your choice our experts can configure it to meet your specific needs, ensuring an extra layer of security for your servers.

Virtual Firewalls

Consider our virtual firewall service running within a virtualized environment providing the packet filtering and monitoring through a physical firewall. We can implement it as a traditional software firewall on a virtual machine or a managed kernel process running within the host hypervisor.

With Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall we provide advanced firewall security combined with SSL VPN service. You can choose ports for the firewall service, with a port speed of 100Mbps; this firewall service creates a flexible solution.

Our cost-effective virtual firewall solution provides a layer of security that can be provisioned on-demand without service interruptions and the choice of ports is yours. Also we do not insist on IP address changes for existing client servers. With a 100Mbps port speed we charge one-time fee for subsequent user or port changes. We charge a nominal initial setup fee.

Managing Firewalls

EagleClaw Firewall services assure you of the best possible protection of your network and system environment, to allow the right and clean traffic to your servers. Our firewall management support includes:

  • Security and compliance reporting
  • Risk analysis
  • Threat monitoring and response
  • Firewall administration
  • Patching
  • Configuration management
  • High-availability management
  • Scalability analysis
  • Monitoring/remediation