Email & Web Security

Email and Web Security Services

The components of IT security a decade ago was much different from what it is today. The IT security field has changed radically and dynamically. Not only has the traditional threats such as viruses and spam, changed but also their sophistication levels have increased manifold. Web based businesses have to defend themselves against these threats and at the same time reduce IT costs and increase productivity, simplifying their networks. EagleClaw Email and Web Security Services leverage on cloudbased solutions, providing a comprehensive set of offerings that suit you best. Our email and web security platform is fully integrated to take care of your Email and Web based business risks and simplify IT administration. Through real time monitoring it is quickly isolated and instant access is provided to all transaction data. Also we provide summary views with drill-down views.


Managed Email Security Services

Our Email Security Services uses the cloud technology to protect your email infrastructure against spam viruses, Trojans, phishing and worms. We also offer appliance based solutions for lesser volumes of email.

Our suite of services protecting your organizations email infrastructure includes:

Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Anti Spam We protect against a comprehensive array of spyware and viruses and our anti-spam engine will detect image spam and malicious urls in real-time.

 Inbound and Outbound Mail Flow & Encryption  Our Email Security Services offers mail flow rules that allow them to be routed based on sender, receiver and attachment file-types and enforce delivery of emails over an encrypted channel to ensure secure delivery of emails.

Alias Management for multiple email domains – For organizations with multiple email domains, alias and masquerading policies help to simplify alias management and mail routing. Our services ensure that consistent email addresses are presented for emails external to the organization.

Assured Email Delivery Our cloud architecture will help to receive and deliver your emails if your exchange server is temporarily unavailable.

Managed Web Security Services

EagleClaw Managed Web Security Services is a SaaS based solution offering protection against malicious software such as spyware that act as web security threats. Our Web Security Services protect your network and it’s users from the threats.

Our Web Security Services includes

Anti Spyware, Anti Virus and Other Threats We constantly update with the latest signatures to protect against a complete array of spyware and viruses and also with our round the clock real time monitoring we can identify a new generation of threats native to Web 2.0 and block them instantly.

Updating Browsers  This service ensures that browsers are updated providing vulnerability shielding against attacks and thus forewarning users when a vulnerable browser plug-in is used.

Dynamic Content Classification for URL Filtering  Our Web filtering integrates advanced classification engines that provide compliance through outbound content visibility and containment controls. The Dynamic Content Classification technology analyzes every accessed page providing a second layer of real-time URL protection.

Using Web 2.0 Controls to filter malicious content We use scanning engines to monitor Web 2.0 sites to filter out the malicious content that spreads in the Web 2.0 world.

Traffic Control on your Network This service will help maximize bandwidth filtering unnecessary traffic off your network increasing productivity and lowering cost.